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    * src/graph-tool: change layout and community graph options. · c3a6567d
    Tiago Peixoto authored
    	* src/boost-workaround/boost/graph/kamada_kawai_spring_layout.hpp: annotated code with openmp constructs.
    	* src/graph/graph_adaptor.hh: graph_type should be a typedef to the original graph.
    	* src/graph/graph_properties.hh, src/graph/ added pos_t type.
    	* src/boost-workaround/boost/graph/fruchterman_reingold.hpp: annotated code with openmp constructs.
    	* src/graph/ new file with graph layout routines.
    	* src/graph/ removed graph layout routines.
    	* src/graph/ (struct get_community_network): fixed inversion of directedness test.
    	* src/graph/ (GraphInterface::LabelComponents): use vector_property_map instead of HashedDescriptor. Don't use a static map!
    	* src/graph/graph_adaptor.hh: fixed edge descriptor equality comparison, which must rely on underlying edge, regardless of whether it's inverted or not.
    git-svn-id: d4600afd-f417-0410-95de-beed9576f240