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Getting High Score in TOEIC Test with Three Apps in Android

How to join the TOEIC Test and get high results? These apps below have a high rating from users and with the Android device, we can install them free.

For the international jobs, people need to know English and TOEIC is the highly recommended diploma. Most companies requires staff from non-English speaking countries to have a high-score TOEIC. But learning languages is a long period and we have to practice day by day. To help people reach their TOEIC goal, this article introduces three apps for TOEIC preparation. You can find them in your Android Store.

  1. Toeic Test Pro 2018


You can study English free with high-quality questions and practice tests. The vocabulary is shown in flashcards, so you can understand and memorize easily. After the test, it gives you the score report with detailed analytics.

Toeic Test Pro allows you to learn critical concepts. It will keep track of your performance, and highlight your test strengths as well as weaknesses. You will see your score improvement after a period of time.


3000+ questions designed by expert tutors. They cover all test for the international communication exam.

Background preparation for users

Offline mode

Text to speech


Review schedule based on your study

Daily statistics of your progress

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  1. TOEIC Listening and Practice


There are 500 articles based on real-world conversations. They come with high-quality audio for you to improve your English listening skills in a natural way. This app also provides free test samples.

The interface is very friendly, so it is easy to use. You can find seven parts of the TOEIC test in the menu bar and practice them one by one.

TOEIC Listening and Practicing


Audio followed with transcripts

Conversation from beginner to advanced levels.

Common words and phrases

Idioms and expressions in categories

American Slang.

Download the audio file.

Background Audio Mode.

Two modes: Online or Offline

Pay fee to remove ads

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  1. TOEIC Test: Improve Your Score


TOEIC Test helps you to study, and practice the test. Your performance will be recorded from the beginning. It will give you a report of your strengths, and weaknesses, so you know what you should concentrate to get the best results.


600 essential TOEIC in 50 categories.

400+ questions in 7 categories

20 practices and 14 simulation tests.

Cover all sections of the exam: photos, question-response, short conversations, short talks, incomplete sentences, text completion, reading comprehension

The real test: 200 questions in about 2 hours for you to try

Time and score counting.

Audio with transcripts.

Supports offline mode.

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