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Update docstring of graphviz_draw.

The effect of setting "output" to None should be more clear now.
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......@@ -236,14 +236,13 @@ def graphviz_draw(g, pos=None, size=(15, 15), pin=False, layout=None,
Scalar edge property map which specifies the order with which edges
are drawn.
output : string (default: ``""``)
Output file name.
Output file name. If ``None`` then no output is produced.
output_format : string (default: ``"auto"``)
Output file format. Possible values are ``"auto"``, ``"xlib"``,
``"ps"``, ``"svg"``, ``"svgz"``, ``"fig"``, ``"mif"``, ``"hpgl"``,
``"pcl"``, ``"png"``, ``"gif"``, ``"dia"``, ``"imap"``, ``"cmapx"``. If
the value is ``"auto"``, the format is guessed from the ``output``
parameter, or ``xlib`` if it is empty. If the value is ``None``, no
output is produced.
parameter, or ``xlib`` if it is empty.
fork : bool (default: ``False``)
If ``True``, the program is forked before drawing. This is used as a
work-around for a bug in graphviz, where the ``exit()`` function is
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