Commit 692e0489 authored by Jérôme Benoit's avatar Jérôme Benoit
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workaround __int128__ ill-fallback on 32bit arch

Description: upstream: workaround: __int128__ ill-fallback on 32bit arch
 Workaround a compile time issue due to a ill-fallback of the __int128__ type
 as supported by GCC on 64bit arch (see src/pcg-cpp/include/pcg_uint128.hpp).
 However this patch is useless since the building fails at link time due
 to architecture limitations on 32bit arch.
Origin: vendor, Debian
Comment: for the record only
Author: Jerome Benoit <>
Last-Update: 2022-08-27
parent 8151f1f6
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......@@ -20,8 +20,12 @@
#include "pcg_random.hpp"
//typedef std::mt19937_64 rng_t;
typedef pcg64_k1024 rng_t;
typedef pcg32_k1024 rng_t;
rng_t get_rng(size_t seed);
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