1. 08 Jul, 2020 4 commits
  2. 07 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Mass conversion of bind() calls to lambdas · 4c3b87a8
      Jeff Trull authored
      Source file work done with custom-modified versions of clang-format
      and clang-tidy, via the modernize-avoid-bind checker. Headers were
      modified by hand. A script removed uses of <functional> and <boost/bind.hpp>.
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      Merge branch 'simplify-shared-any' into 'master' · 463dfbb4
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Remove boost::any wrapper around std::shared_ptr
      See merge request !28
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      Merge branch 'UB-constness' into 'master' · 42e857bc
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Remove const qualifier from object that can be modified
      See merge request !27
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    • Jeff Trull's avatar
      Remove boost::any wrapper around std::shared_ptr · 4c8a80b5
      Jeff Trull authored
      std::shared_ptr provides a limited amount of type erasure natively
      based on void* and the fact that it stores the original type in the
      deleter. As a result, if you know the original type, you can call
      std::static_pointer_cast and recover a legitimate shared_ptr of the
      right type, very efficiently.
      It looks like the use of boost::any in this code is:
      1) to hide the pointed-to type so a uniform container can be used
      2) to represent "no pointer"
      both of which can be handled natively by shared_ptr<void> with a small
      performance gain from removing one indirection.
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      Merge branch 'pythonedge-final' into 'master' · 46993132
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Mark PythonEdge as "final" per clang-tidy
      See merge request count0/graph-tool!26
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      Remove const qualifier from object that can be modified · ac746100
      Jeff Trull authored
      Modifying an object declared const is technically undefined behavior,
      and compilers are entitled to do as they like with such code. The most
      likely result - in the event of some future optimizer - would be
      elimination of the code performing the modification, although it could
      theoretically be anything.
      Given that ConstantPropertyMap defines an assignment operator already,
      simply changing the underlying data member to non-const (while making
      it private) seems to achieve the same result as the current code while
      avoiding UB.