Commit 4059c511 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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GraphView: slight clarification to docstring

parent 4e68901c
......@@ -3433,7 +3433,7 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
The argument ``g`` must be an instance of a :class:`~graph_tool.Graph`
class. If specified, ``vfilt`` and ``efilt`` select which vertices and edges
are filtered, respectively. These parameters can either be a boolean-valued
:class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap` or a :class:`~numpy.ndarray`, which specify
:class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap` or :class:`~numpy.ndarray`, which specify
which vertices/edges are selected, or an unary function that returns
``True`` if a given vertex/edge is to be selected, or ``False`` otherwise.
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