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Add new dataset issue template

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# New dataset request
Please fill out the information below to request the addition of a new
dataset to the Netzschleuder repository.
## Necessary information
### Dataset title
Please replace this text with a concise single-line title for the dataset.
### Dataset description
Please replace this text with a description of the dataset. If the
dataset is composed of many networks, please describe what they mean. If
the network(s) are annotated, please include a description of the
annotations. Note that [Markdown](/help/user/ syntax is
### Dataset tags
Please replace this text with a list of tags that categorize the
dataset. For example tags see:
### Upstream URL
Replace this text with the URL where the dataset can be downloaded.
If you wish to **host** the original dataset files in Netzschleuder,
i.e. have it act as the main upstream source, please upload the dataset
file(s) as attachments (or give a temporary URL) and indicate below:
- [ ] I am the owner of this dataset, and I wish the primary upstream dataset files to be hosted by Netzschleuder.
(Please do **not** tick the box above if you plan to host the datasets
yourself in your own website. Whether of not the upstream hosting is
done in a different format is irrelevant.)
### Citation
Replace this text with the upstream bibliographic references(s). Please include a [DOI]( if one is available.
### License
If the dataset is release under any specific license
(e.g. [ODbL](, please
indicate it here. Otherwise replace this text with "N/A".
## Observations
- The preferred formats are [gt](, [GraphML](, and [GML](, but any other upstream format is also accepted. For any non-standard format, a Python parsing script would be helpful.
- [ ] Please verify if the dataset is can be found in [ICON]( If so, please check this box.
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