1. 07 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      Complete overhaul of command line parsing, and support for loading graph-tool... · cb61cc74
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Complete overhaul of command line parsing, and support for loading graph-tool as whole as a python module
      The command line parsing was completely rewritten. It now supports
      better parsing of sub-options, with type checking and grouping
      support. Error reporting was also significantly improved, and it now
      warns of invalid options and option values, before the option is
      executed. Some syntax has changed, such as range filtering:
      --[vertex|edge]-range-filter was replaced by
      --exclude-[vertex|edge]-range and --keep-[vertex|edge]-range, which
      should have a clearer meaning. Ranges can also be specified now by
      comparison operators (>,<,>=,<=,=), such as ">=10", to indicate a
      range of (10, inf). In addition, ranges can now be easily open or
      closed at either end, by suffixing the specific end with '*', to
      indicate it is closed, ex: "10 700*" means (10,700].
      The graph-tool script can now be loaded as a python module (it must be
      renamed first to 'something.py'). All the command line options (except
      'for' and 'history' which become irrelevant) are available as
      functions, with full description and optional parameter support. In
      addition, pure function objects can be given as parameters where
      expressions are asked, instead of strings and files, which enables
      convenient extension of graph-tool.
  2. 04 Oct, 2007 1 commit
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      · 8e962092
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      Simplify range filtering, and definitely remove python filtering
      Simplify range filtering of vertices and edges, by always filtering
      both at once, even if all vertices or edges are being considered. This
      severely reduces compilation time and memory, at a small potential
      cost in run-time speed, which will probably be overshadowed by other
      things, such as dynamic_map look-ups ("premature optimization is the
      root of all evil"). Also, remove python-filtering, since, in the end,
      it is just code bloat, since it is quite slow for most uses and can be
      replaced, generally, by python property editing + range filtering.
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