1. 24 Apr, 2009 1 commit
  2. 14 Apr, 2009 3 commits
  3. 09 Mar, 2009 3 commits
  4. 01 Mar, 2009 1 commit
  5. 22 Feb, 2009 3 commits
  6. 21 Feb, 2009 1 commit
  7. 17 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Add convenient neighbour traversal functions · 52eaa36f
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Add support for v.{out|in}_neighbours(), for direct iteration over the
      neighbours, as well as v.all_edges() and v.all_neighbours(). This also
      properly exports the Vertex and Edge classes, with docstrings.
  8. 14 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Add centrality module · 96b9c5e7
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      This adds the centrality module, which supports betweenness, eigentrust,
      pagerank and absolute trust.
  9. 06 Feb, 2009 7 commits
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Fix seeding in random_graph() · 7f10e926
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      The seed option is now correctly interpreted.
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Fix graph_draw() seeding · be9b2596
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      The seed option is now properly passed to graphviz.
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Improve run_action module · 0c87c492
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Now inline() automatically converts known variables (such as property
      maps) and defaults to boost::python objects, instead of scxx objects.
      The code now is only generated for the current filtered, reversed and/or
      directed status of the graph, reducing compile time and binary size.
      Edge modification (remove and add) is now protected by a GraphWrap
      class, which takes care of the edge index housekeeping, which does not
      need to be done by hand anymore.
      The function is also no longer bound to one graph, and can take an
      arbitrary number of variables of known or unknown types, including
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      Expand user dir (~) in file IO · 64018e6f
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      e.g., g.save("~/foo.xml")
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Add direct support for degree propery map creation · 8ae75c9f
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      i.e. g.degree_property_map("in") will create and return a vertex property map
      which corresponds to the in-degrees of the vertices. This is useful for
      temporarily modifying or getting an array of degrees.
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Add support for array access to property maps · e84aaf3c
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      A property map object has now a get_array() member which returns an internally
      owned array pointing to the property values.
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Several improvements to graph_draw() · e4d79af6
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Allow direct specification of vertex size, which accepts property maps,
      and a couple of bug fixes.
  10. 18 Jan, 2009 3 commits
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  21. 24 Sep, 2008 2 commits
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      Fix edge indexing problem when modifying graph · dc184b46
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      This fixes a rather central bug, which causes duplicated indexes if
      edges are removed and then new ones are added. Edge indexes are now
      recycled as they are removed and then new ones are added. This still
      guarantees O(1) complexity when adding or removing edges.
    • Tiago Peixoto's avatar
      Add load_graph utility function · c804ff8e
      Tiago Peixoto authored
      Avoids having to do
          g = Graph()
      each time. Now one can do simply,
          g = load_graph("foo")
  22. 19 Sep, 2008 1 commit