Commit f5ba8ec6 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto

Add numpy.ndarray wrapper as boost::multi_array_ref

parent 6b10f14d
......@@ -128,4 +128,37 @@ python::object wrap_multi_array_not_owned(multi_array<ValueType,Dim>& array)
return o;
// get multi_array_ref from numpy ndarrays
struct invalid_numpy_conversion:
public std::exception
string _error;
invalid_numpy_conversion(const string& error) {_error = error;}
~invalid_numpy_conversion() throw () {}
const char * what () const throw () {return _error.c_str();}
template <class ValueType, size_t dim>
multi_array_ref<ValueType,dim> get_array(python::object points)
PyArrayObject* pa = (PyArrayObject*) points.ptr();
if (pa->nd != dim)
throw invalid_numpy_conversion("invalid array dimension!");
if (mpl::at<numpy_types,ValueType>::type::value != pa->descr->type_num)
throw invalid_numpy_conversion("invalid array value type!");
vector<size_t> shape(pa->nd);
for (int i = 0; i < pa->nd; ++i)
shape[i] = pa->dimensions[i];
if ((pa->flags ^ NPY_C_CONTIGUOUS) != 0)
return multi_array_ref<ValueType,dim>((ValueType *) pa->data, shape);
return multi_array_ref<ValueType,dim>((ValueType *) pa->data, shape,
#endif // NUMPY_BIND_HH
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