Commit efff0017 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix evaluation of 'string' sub-options, and further Python 2.4 compatibility

parent 23e319bf
......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ def parse_options(arguments = sys.argv[1:]):
["average-sampled-harmonic-distance", "[OPTIONS[|FILE]]", "get the average sampled harmonic distance. Options are $OPTIONS_LIST",
{"FILE":"-", "OPTIONS":[ ("samples",("int",1000)), ("weight",("str","")), ("seed",("int",int(time.time())))] },
["hist = graph.GetSampledDistanceHistogram($weight,$samples,$seed)",
"avg, err = get_mean(dict((1.0/k,v) for k,v in hist.iteritems()))",
"avg, err = get_mean(dict([(1.0/k,v) for k,v in hist.iteritems()]))",
"(1.0/avg, err/(avg**2))"]],
["label-components", "PROPERTY", "label components to PROPERTY", {}, "graph.LabelComponents($PROPERTY)"],
["label-parallel-edges", "PROPERTY", "label parallel edges to PROPERTY", {}, "graph.LabelParallelEdges($PROPERTY)"],
......@@ -413,7 +413,7 @@ def parse_options(arguments = sys.argv[1:]):
if opt.type == "bool":
value = eval(value)
value = eval("%s('%s')" % (opt.type, value))
value = eval("%s('%s')" % (opt.type, self.unquote(value)))
except ValueError:
raise OptionError(self, "invalid value for '%s': %s (expected %s)" % (, value, opt.type))
subopts[] = value
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