Commit ef5d354a authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Use provided vertex colormap to choose vertex pie colors

parent ed3ed342
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ def _convert(attr, val, cmap):
if rg[0] == rg[1]:
rg[1] = 1
for v in g.vertices():
new_val[v] = flatten([default_cm((x - rg[0]) / (rg[1] - rg[0])) for x in val[v]])
new_val[v] = flatten([cmap((x - rg[0]) / (rg[1] - rg[0])) for x in val[v]])
return new_val
if val.value_type() == "vector<string>":
g = val.get_graph()
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