Commit ed9fa3ea authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Include No-Op specialization of property map converter

parent 2b25ac58
......@@ -347,12 +347,22 @@ struct convert<string,boost::python::object>::specific_convert<string,boost::pyt
boost::python::extract<string> x(v);
if (x.check())
return x();
return x();
throw boost::bad_lexical_cast();
// No op
template <class Type1>
struct convert<Type1, Type1>
const Type1& operator()(const Type1& v) const
return v;
// the following class wraps a generic property map, so it can be used as a
// property with a given Key and Value type. The keys and values are converted
// to the desired Key and Value type, which may cause a performance impact,
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