Commit e24f60db authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix a performance issue with filtered graphs

This avoids unnecessary copying of the filter property map, which
although being O(1), does end up consuming a measurable time.
parent 00a0e7ef
......@@ -141,24 +141,23 @@ class MaskFilter
typedef typename boost::property_traits<DescriptorProperty>::value_type value_t;
MaskFilter(DescriptorProperty filtered_property, bool invert)
: _filtered_property(filtered_property), _invert(invert) {}
MaskFilter(const DescriptorProperty& filtered_property, bool invert)
: _filtered_property(&filtered_property), _invert(invert) {}
template <class Descriptor>
__attribute__((always_inline)) inline bool operator() (Descriptor&& d) const
// ignore if masked
return get(_filtered_property, std::forward<Descriptor>(d)) ^ _invert;
return get(*_filtered_property, std::forward<Descriptor>(d)) ^ _invert;
// TODO: This is a critical section. It will be called for every vertex
// This is a critical section. It will be called for every vertex
// or edge in the graph, every time they're iterated
// through. Therefore, it must be guaranteed this is as optimized
// as possible.
// through.
DescriptorProperty _filtered_property;
const DescriptorProperty* _filtered_property;
bool _invert;
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