Commit dfa0fa1d authored by Alex Henrie's avatar Alex Henrie

Use instead of collections.Iterable

parent 3c47097d
......@@ -129,7 +129,7 @@ import weakref
import copy
import textwrap
import io
import collections
import itertools
import csv
......@@ -2356,7 +2356,7 @@ class Graph(object):
back = self.__graph.get_num_vertices(False) - 1
is_iter = isinstance(vertex, collections.Iterable)
is_iter = isinstance(vertex,
if is_iter:
vs = numpy.asarray(vertex, dtype="int64")
......@@ -3496,7 +3496,7 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
if efilt is not None:
if not isinstance(efilt, PropertyMap):
emap = self.new_edge_property("bool")
if isinstance(efilt, collections.Iterable):
if isinstance(efilt,
emap.fa = efilt
for e in g.edges():
......@@ -3516,7 +3516,7 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
if vfilt is not None:
if not isinstance(vfilt, PropertyMap):
vmap = self.new_vertex_property("bool")
if isinstance(vfilt, collections.Iterable):
if isinstance(vfilt,
vmap.fa = vfilt
for v in g.vertices():
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