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all_shortest_paths(): Fix bug with weighted graphs

parent e64b612d
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......@@ -448,8 +448,8 @@ void get_dists(GraphInterface& gi, size_t source, boost::python::object tgt,
template <class Graph, class Dist, class Pred, class Preds>
void get_all_preds(Graph g, Dist dist, Pred pred, Preds preds)
template <class Graph, class Dist, class Pred, class Weight, class Preds>
void get_all_preds(Graph g, Dist dist, Pred pred, Weight weight, Preds preds)
......@@ -457,18 +457,19 @@ void get_all_preds(Graph g, Dist dist, Pred pred, Preds preds)
if (size_t(pred[v]) == v)
auto d = dist[pred[v]];
auto d = dist[v];
typedef decltype(d) dist_t;
for (auto e : in_or_out_edges_range(v, g))
auto u = boost::is_directed(g) ? source(e, g) : target(e, g);
if (dist[u] == d)
if (dist_t(dist[u] + get(weight, e)) == d)
void do_get_all_preds(GraphInterface& gi, boost::any adist,
boost::any apred, boost::any apreds)
boost::any apred, boost::any aweight, boost::any apreds)
typedef property_map_type
::apply<int64_t, GraphInterface::vertex_index_map_t>::type pred_map_t;
......@@ -478,11 +479,18 @@ void do_get_all_preds(GraphInterface& gi, boost::any adist,
pred_map_t pred = any_cast<pred_map_t>(apred);
preds_map_t preds = any_cast<preds_map_t>(apreds);
typedef UnityPropertyMap<int,GraphInterface::edge_t> weight_map_t;
typedef boost::mpl::push_back<edge_scalar_properties, weight_map_t>::type
if (aweight.empty())
aweight = weight_map_t();
(gi, [&](auto& g, auto dist)
(gi, [&](auto& g, auto dist, auto weight)
{get_all_preds(g, dist, pred.get_unchecked(num_vertices(g)),
weight, preds.get_unchecked(num_vertices(g)));},
vertex_scalar_properties(), weight_props_t())(adist, aweight);
......@@ -1849,7 +1849,7 @@ def shortest_path(g, source, target, weights=None, negative_weights=False,
v = p
return vlist, elist
def all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map):
def all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map, weights=None):
"""Return a property map with all possible predecessors in the search tree
determined by ``dist_map`` and ``pred_map``.
......@@ -1862,6 +1862,8 @@ def all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map):
pred_map : :class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap` (optional, default: None)
Vertex property map with the predecessors in the search tree.
weights : :class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap` (optional, default: None)
The edge weights.
......@@ -1875,6 +1877,7 @@ def all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map):
_prop("v", g, dist_map),
_prop("v", g, pred_map),
_prop("e", g, weights),
_prop("v", g, preds))
return preds
......@@ -1952,7 +1955,7 @@ def all_shortest_paths(g, source, target, weights=None, negative_weights=False,
if all_preds_map is None:
all_preds_map = all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map)
all_preds_map = all_predecessors(g, dist_map, pred_map, weights)
path_iterator = \
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