Commit d4f313b3 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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better handling of out-of-memory error

parent c3c04cbc
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ clustering.add_option("--local-clustering-coefficient", action="callback", callb
clustering.add_option("--global-clustering-coefficient", action="callback", callback=push_option, type="string", metavar="FILE", help="get the global clustering coefficient")
clustering.add_option("--extended-clustering-coefficient", action="callback", callback=push_option, type="string", metavar="PREFIX|MAX", help="set the extended clustering coefficients c1 to cMAX to vertex properties PREFIX1 to PREFIXMAX")
layout = parser.add_option_group("Layout")
layout = parser.add_option_group("Layout")
layout.add_option("--spring-block-layout", action="callback", callback=push_option, type="string", metavar="POS-PROPERTY|TYPE|ITERATIONS[|WEIGHT[|SEED]]", help="compute the spring block layout. TYPE can be 'kw', for Kamada-Kawai, 'fg-grid' for Fruchterman-Reingold with a grid, and 'fg-all-pairs' for Fruchterman-Reingold with all pairs. The positions will be stored in POS-PROPERTY.")
layout.add_option("--gursoy-atun-layout", action="callback", callback=push_option, type="string", metavar="POS-PROPERTY|TOPOLOGY|ITERATIONS[|WEIGHT[|SEED]]", help="compute the Gursoy-Atun layout. TOPOLOGY can be 'square', 'circle', or 'heart'. The positions will be stored in POS-PROPERTY.")
......@@ -839,6 +839,7 @@ def parse_option(opt, just_file=False):
val_type = values[1].strip()
expr = values[2]
edit_vars = dict()
exec "from math import *\n" in edit_vars
if "file:" in expr:
expressions = expr.split("file:")
if len(expressions) > 1:
......@@ -1093,6 +1094,12 @@ except (OptionError, HistoryException, IOError, RuntimeError), e:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print >> sys.stderr, "graph-tool error: Keyboard interrupt."
except MemoryError, e:
error = str(e)
if error != "":
print >> sys.stderr, "graph-tool error: out of memory. (text:", error, ")"
print >> sys.stderr, "graph-tool error: out of memory."
(file_name, line, function, text) = traceback.extract_tb(sys.exc_info()[2])[-1]
print >> sys.stderr, "graph-tool unknown error: ", sys.exc_info()[1], "[traceback: File %s, line %d, in %s (text: %s)]" % (file_name, line, function, str(text))
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