Commit d4980abf authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Move Graph.edge() implementation to C++

parent 92d0c0b5
......@@ -213,6 +213,35 @@ void remove_edge(GraphInterface& gi, const python::object& e)
throw ValueException("invalid edge descriptor");
struct get_edge_dispatch
template <class Graph>
void operator()(Graph& g, const python::object& pg, size_t s, size_t t,
bool all_edges, boost::python::list& es) const
for (auto e : out_edges_range(vertex(s, g), g))
if (target(e, g) == vertex(t, g))
es.append(PythonEdge<Graph>(pg, e));
if (!all_edges)
python::object get_edge(python::object g, size_t s, size_t t, bool all_edges)
GraphInterface& gi = python::extract<GraphInterface&>(g().attr("_Graph__graph"));
python::list es;
std::bind(get_edge_dispatch(), placeholders::_1,
std::ref(g), s, t, all_edges, std::ref(es)))();
return es;
struct get_degree_map
template <class Graph, class DegS, class Weight>
......@@ -467,6 +496,7 @@ void export_python_interface()
def("remove_vertex", graph_tool::remove_vertex);
def("remove_edge", graph_tool::remove_edge);
def("add_edge_list", graph_tool::do_add_edge_list);
def("get_edge", get_edge);
def("get_vertex_index", get_vertex_index);
def("get_edge_index", do_get_edge_index);
......@@ -1475,14 +1475,7 @@ class Graph(object):
if s is None or t is None:
return None
efilt = self.get_edge_filter()
edges = []
for e in s.out_edges():
if efilt[0] is not None and efilt[0][e] == efilt[1]:
if == t:
if not all_edges:
return e
edges = libcore.get_edge(weakref.ref(self), int(s), int(t), all_edges)
if add_missing and len(edges) == 0:
edges.append(self.add_edge(s, t))
if all_edges:
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