Commit cb53ac7a authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto Remove outdated template depth flag

parent f24a3fa0
......@@ -61,9 +61,6 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE([debug],
dnl set template depth
[CXXFLAGS="-ftemplate-depth-250 ${CXXFLAGS}"]
dnl disable deprecation warning, to silence some harmless BGL-related warnings
[CXXFLAGS="-Wno-deprecated ${CXXFLAGS}"]
......@@ -367,7 +364,7 @@ AC_SUBST(MOD_LDFLAGS)
[graph-tool Python library],
[-ftemplate-depth-250 ${PYTHON_CPPFLAGS} ${BOOST_CPPFLAGS} ${SPARSEHASH_CFLAGS} ${NUMPY_CPPFLAGS} -I${MOD_DIR}/include -I${MOD_DIR}/include/boost-workaround],
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