Commit c65210b4 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Properly parse some degree arguments, which can also be properies

parent d5356666
......@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@ class Graph(object):
@_limit_args({"strategy":["correlated", "uncorrelated"]})
def random_rewire(self, strategy="uncorrelated", parallel_edges=False,
self_loops=False, seed=int(time.time())):
"""Randomly rewire the edges of the graph"""
"""Randomly rewire the edges of the graph"""
self.__graph.RandomRewire(strategy, self_loops, parallel_edges, seed)
# Basic graph statistics
......@@ -782,8 +782,8 @@ class Graph(object):
def average_combined_vertex_correlation(self, degree1, degree2):
"""Get the average of degree2 in function of degree1. Scalar properties
are also accepted as degree1 or degree2"""
return self.__graph.GetAverageCombinedVertexCorrelation(degree1,
f = self.__graph.GetAverageCombinedVertexCorrelation
return f(_degree(degree1), _degree(degree2))
@_attrs(opt_group=__groups[-1], has_output=True)
......@@ -794,8 +794,8 @@ class Graph(object):
passed by weight"""
if weight == None:
weight = ""
neighbour_degree, weight)
f = self.__graph.GetVertexCorrelationHistogram
return f(_degree(origin_degree), _degree(neighbour_degree), weight)
@_attrs(opt_group=__groups[-1], has_output=True)
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