Commit c592d964 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix bug in overlap_partition_stats_t

parent 41e8c3fe
......@@ -399,9 +399,10 @@ struct overlap_partition_stats_t
template <class Graph, class Vprop, class Eprop>
overlap_partition_stats_t(Graph& g, Vprop b, overlap_stats_t& overlap_stats,
Eprop eweight, size_t N, size_t B, bool edges_dl)
: _enabled(true), _N(N), _B(B), _D(0), _dhist(B + 1), _r_count(B),
_bvs(N), _nbvs(N), _degs(N), _ndegs(N), _deg_delta(B),
: _enabled(true), _N(N), _B(B), _D(0),
_dhist(B + 1), _r_count(B), _bhist(N), _emhist(B), _ephist(B),
_embhist(N), _epbhist(N), _deg_hist(N), _bvs(N), _nbvs(N), _degs(N),
_ndegs(N), _deg_delta(B), _edges_dl(edges_dl)
dmap_t in_hist, out_hist;
for (size_t v = 0; v < N; ++v)
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