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minimize_blockmodel_dl(): fix documentation

This fixes #735.
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......@@ -32,14 +32,6 @@ def minimize_blockmodel_dl(g, state=BlockState, state_args={},
g : :class:`~graph_tool.Graph`
The graph.
B_min : ``int`` (optional, default: ``1``)
The minimum number of blocks.
B_max : ``int`` (optional, default: ``numpy.iinfo(numpy.int64).max``)
The maximum number of blocks.
b_min : :class:`~graph_tool.VertexPropertyMap` (optional, default: ``None``)
The partition to be used with the minimum number of blocks.
b_max : :class:`~graph_tool.VertexPropertyMap` (optional, default: ``None``)
The partition to be used with the maximum number of blocks.
state : SBM-like state class (optional, default: :class:`~graph_tool.inference.BlockState`)
Type of model that will be used. Must be derived from :class:`~graph_tool.inference.MultilevelMCMCState`.
state_args : ``dict`` (optional, default: ``{}``)
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