Commit b69fdece authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Remove 'remove_vertex_if()' and 'remove_edge_if()'

These are redundant functions which can be trivially implemented as
parent a8481771
......@@ -36,14 +36,12 @@
.. automethod:: add_vertex
.. automethod:: remove_vertex
.. automethod:: remove_vertex_if
The following functions allow for addition and removal of
edges in the graph.
.. automethod:: add_edge
.. automethod:: remove_edge
.. automethod:: remove_edge_if
The following functions allow for easy removal of vertices of
edges from the graph.
......@@ -1191,15 +1191,6 @@ class Graph(object):
libcore.remove_vertex(self.__graph, vertex, fast)
def remove_vertex_if(self, predicate):
"""Remove all the vertices from the graph for which ``predicate(v)``
evaluates to ``True``. """
N = self.num_vertices()
for i in range(0, N):
v = self.vertex(N - i - 1)
if predicate(v):
def clear_vertex(self, vertex):
"""Remove all in and out-edges from the given vertex."""
del_es = set()
......@@ -1224,17 +1215,6 @@ class Graph(object):
return libcore.remove_edge(self.__graph, edge)
def remove_edge_if(self, predicate):
"""Remove all edges from the graph, for which ``predicate(e)`` evaluates
to ``True``."""
for v in self.vertices():
del_es = []
for e in v.out_edges():
if predicate(e):
for e in del_es:
def clear(self):
"""Remove all vertices and edges from the graph."""
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