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Fix issue with GraphView composition

parent 48e68784
......@@ -722,7 +722,7 @@ filter parameters. For example, to create a directed view of the graph
Graph views also provide a much more direct and convenient approach to
vertex/edge filtering: To construct a filtered minimum spanning tree
like in the example above, one must only pass the filter property as the
"efilter" parameter:
"efilt" parameter:
.. doctest::
......@@ -764,7 +764,7 @@ Like above, the result should be the isolated minimum spanning tree:
its parent :class:`~graph_tool.Graph` class. Therefore, if the
original :class:`~graph_tool.Graph` object is modified, this
modification will be reflected immediately in the
:class:`~graph_tool.GraphView` object, and vice-versa.
:class:`~graph_tool.GraphView` object, and vice versa.
For even more convenience, one can supply a function as filter
parameter, which takes a vertex or an edge as single parameter, and
......@@ -2222,7 +2222,7 @@ class Graph(object):
g = GraphView(g, skip_properties=True, skip_efilt=True,
skip_vfilt=True, directed=True)
sf = GraphView(sf, skip_properties=True, skip_efilt=True,
skip_vfilt=True, directed=True)
skip_vfilt=True, directed=True)
if src.key_type() == "v":
if g.num_vertices() > sf.num_vertices():
raise ValueError("graphs with incompatible sizes (%d, %d)" %
......@@ -2443,10 +2443,14 @@ class Graph(object):
if eprop is None:
eprop = self.new_edge_property("bool")
eprop.a = not inverted_edges
eprop = self.own_property(eprop)
if vprop is None:
vprop = self.new_vertex_property("bool")
vprop.a = not inverted_vertices
vprop = self.own_property(vprop)
self.__graph.set_vertex_filter_property(_prop("v", self, vprop),
......@@ -2860,13 +2864,13 @@ class GraphView(Graph):
if not skip_efilt:
ef = list(g.get_edge_filter())
if ef[0] is not None:
ef[0] = ef[0].copy()
ef[0] = self.own_property(ef[0].copy())
ef = [None, False]
if not skip_vfilt:
vf = list(g.get_vertex_filter())
if vf[0] is not None:
vf[0] = vf[0].copy()
vf[0] = self.own_property(vf[0].copy())
vf = [None, False]
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