Commit a76a512a authored by Ale Abdo's avatar Ale Abdo
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fixes option definition for random-rewire

bool entries in option random-rewire were stated as string,
causing graph-tool to crash before loading.
parent f0e41bb2
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ def parse_options(arguments = sys.argv[1:]):
["purge-edges", None, "Remove all edges of the graph which are currently being filtered out, and return to the unfiltered state",
{}, ["graph.PurgeEdges()", "graph.SetEdgeFilterProperty('')" ]],
["random-rewire", "OPTIONS", "randomly rewire edges. Options are: $OPTIONS_LIST",
[ "strat = {'correlated':RewireStrat.Correlated, 'uncorrelated':RewireStrat.Uncorrelated}",
"graph.RandomRewire(strat[$correlated], $self_loops, $parallel_edges, $seed)"]]
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