Commit a5ef466f authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto write summary more compactly

parent ada4831b
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......@@ -411,18 +411,18 @@ echo -e "$(color 3)C++ compiler version: $(color 4)`${CXX} -dumpversio
echo -e "$(color 3)Prefix: $(color 4)${prefix}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Pkgconfigdir: $(color 4)${pkgconfigdir}$(reset)\n"
echo -e "$(color 3)Python preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${PYTHON_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Python linker flags: $(color 4)${PYTHON_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Boost preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${BOOST_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Boost linker flags: $(color 4)${BOOST_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Numpy preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${NUMPY_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Sparsehash preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${SPARSEHASH_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL linker flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat preprocessor flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat linker flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_LDFLAGS} ${EXPAT_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Python CPP flags: $(color 4)${PYTHON_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Python LD flags: $(color 4)${PYTHON_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Boost CPP flags: $(color 4)${BOOST_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Boost LD flags: $(color 4)${BOOST_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Numpy CPP flags: $(color 4)${NUMPY_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Sparsehash CPP flags: $(color 4)${SPARSEHASH_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL CPP flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL LD flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat CPP flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat LD flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_LDFLAGS} ${EXPAT_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)OpenMP compiler flags: $(color 4)${OPENMP_CXXFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)OpenMP linker flags: $(color 4)${OPENMP_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)OpenMP LD flags: $(color 4)${OPENMP_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Extra CPPFLAGS: $(color 4)${CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Extra CXXFLAGS: $(color 4)${CXXFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Extra LDFLAGS: $(color 4)${LDFLAGS}$(reset)\n"
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