Commit a5d75e84 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Add numpy.array access to vector types of property maps

Now vector types of property maps can be accessed as arrays with the
get_array() and 'a' property, just like scalar property maps.
parent 7d0b68ec
......@@ -127,12 +127,24 @@ struct export_vector_types
if (type_name == "long double")
type_name = "long_double";
string name = "Vector_" + type_name;
class_<vector<ValueType> >(name.c_str())
.def(vector_indexing_suite<vector<ValueType> >())
class_<vector<ValueType> > vc(name.c_str());
vc.def(vector_indexing_suite<vector<ValueType> >())
.def("__eq__", &vector_equal_compare<ValueType>)
.def("__ne__", &vector_nequal_compare<ValueType>);
wrap_array(vc, typename mpl::has_key<numpy_types,ValueType>::type());
template <class ValueType>
void wrap_array(class_<vector<ValueType> >& vc, mpl::true_) const
vc.def("get_array", &wrap_vector_not_owned<ValueType>);
template <class ValueType>
void wrap_array(class_<vector<ValueType> >& vc, mpl::false_) const
// exception translation
......@@ -1099,3 +1099,16 @@ def init_edge_classes():
e.__class__.__iter__ = _edge_iter
# Add convenience function to vector classes
def _get_array_view(self):
return self.get_array()[:]
vector_types = [Vector_bool, Vector_int32_t, Vector_int64_t, Vector_double,
for vt in vector_types:
vt.a = property(_get_array_view)
Vector_string.a = None
Vector_string.get_array = lambda self: None
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