Commit a1a6748f authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix edge descriptor invalidation check

This fixes the edge invalidation check, when either the source of the
target vertex is removed.
parent 2e5abc00
...@@ -254,13 +254,21 @@ public: ...@@ -254,13 +254,21 @@ public:
bool IsValid() const bool IsValid() const
{ {
if (_g().ptr() == Py_None) if (_g().ptr() == Py_None || !_valid)
return false; return false;
GraphInterface& gi = python::extract<GraphInterface&>(_g().attr("_Graph__graph")); GraphInterface& gi = python::extract<GraphInterface&>(_g().attr("_Graph__graph"));
GraphInterface::edge_t e(_e); GraphInterface::edge_t e(_e);
return (_valid && bool valid = PythonVertex(_g, source(e, gi._state->_mg)).IsValid() &&
PythonVertex(_g, source(e, gi._state->_mg)).IsValid() && PythonVertex(_g, target(e, gi._state->_mg)).IsValid();
PythonVertex(_g, target(e, gi._state->_mg)).IsValid()); if (!valid)
return false;
valid = false;
graph_traits<GraphInterface::multigraph_t>::out_edge_iterator ei, ei_end;
for (tie(ei, ei_end) = out_edges(source(e, gi._state->_mg), gi._state->_mg);
ei != ei_end; ++ei)
if (*ei == e)
valid = true;
return valid;
} }
void SetValid(bool valid) void SetValid(bool valid)
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