Commit 9b12a427 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix trivial error in node/edge search functions

parent 52eaa36f
......@@ -25,20 +25,20 @@ __all__ = ["find_vertex", "find_vertex_range", "find_edge", "find_edge_range"]
def find_vertex(g, deg, match):
ret = libgraph_tool_util.\
find_vertex_range(g._Graph__graph, _degree(deg), (match, match))
find_vertex_range(g._Graph__graph, _degree(g, deg), (match, match))
return ret
def find_vertex_range(g, deg, range):
ret = libgraph_tool_util.\
find_vertex_range(g._Graph__graph, _degree(deg), range)
find_vertex_range(g._Graph__graph, _degree(g, deg), range)
return ret
def find_edge(g, prop, match):
ret = libgraph_tool_util.\
find_edge_range(g._Graph__graph, _prop(prop,"e"), (match, match))
find_edge_range(g._Graph__graph, _prop("e", g, prop), (match, match))
return ret
def find_edge_range(g, prop, range):
ret = libgraph_tool_util.\
find_edge_range(g._Graph__graph, _prop(prop,"e"), range)
find_edge_range(g._Graph__graph, _prop("e", g, prop), range)
return ret
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