Commit 9a7b7361 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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psyco and scipy should be optional

git-svn-id: d4600afd-f417-0410-95de-beed9576f240
parent a4c0927a
......@@ -208,12 +208,7 @@ def parse_option(opt, just_file=False):
except ValueError, e:
raise OptionError(, e)
variables = dict()
exec "from math import *" in variables;
exec "from scipy import *" in variables;
exec "from scipy.special import *" in variables;
exec "from scipy.optimize import *" in variables;
exec "from scipy.optimize.minpack import *" in variables;
exec "import psyco" in variables;
exec "try:\n from math import *\n from scipy import *\n from scipy.special import *\n from scipy.optimize import *\n from scipy.optimize.minpack import *\n import psyco\nexcept ImportError:\n pass " in variables;
exec "def inv_poisson(p,m):\n return round(fsolve(lambda k,l: gammaincc(k,l)-p, m, (m))-0.5+1e-15)" in variables;
exec "def inv_exponential(p,m):\n return round(log(1-p)/log(float(m)/(m+1))-0.5+1e-15)" in variables;
exec "def inv_power_law(p,b):\n return round((1-p)**(-1/(b-1)) - 1)" in variables;
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