Commit 998fd1d6 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Accept non-scalar value types for partition property in modularity()

This fixes issue #57 (again).
parent 5ce0259d
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......@@ -95,7 +95,8 @@ import sys
if sys.version_info < (3,):
range = xrange
from .. import _degree, _prop, Graph, GraphView, libcore, _get_rng
from .. import _degree, _prop, Graph, GraphView, libcore, _get_rng, \
import random
import sys
......@@ -376,6 +377,8 @@ def modularity(g, prop, weight=None):
:doi:`10.1073/pnas.0601602103`, :arxiv:`physics/0602124`
if prop.value_type() not in ["bool", "int16_t", "int32_t", "int64_t", "unsigned long"]:
prop = perfect_prop_hash([prop])[0]
ug = GraphView(g, directed=False)
m = libgraph_tool_community.modularity(ug._Graph__graph,
_prop("e", ug, weight),
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