Commit 8efb5176 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto

inference.blockmodel: Fix pickling problem with BlockState

parent 7e43294e
...@@ -688,8 +688,6 @@ class BlockState(object): ...@@ -688,8 +688,6 @@ class BlockState(object):
rec_types=self.rec_types, rec_types=self.rec_types,
rec_params=self.rec_params, rec_params=self.rec_params,
ignore_degrees=self.ignore_degrees.copy("int"), ignore_degrees=self.ignore_degrees.copy("int"),
degs=self.degs if not isinstance(self.degs,
libinference.simple_degs_t) else None,
merge_map=self.merge_map) merge_map=self.merge_map)
return state return state
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