Commit 8ba30ef3 authored by Jeff Trull's avatar Jeff Trull
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Rename newly-private data member appropriately

parent ac746100
......@@ -573,20 +573,20 @@ public:
typedef Key key_type;
typedef boost::readable_property_map_tag category;
ConstantPropertyMap(const value_type& c): c(c) {}
ConstantPropertyMap(): c() {}
ConstantPropertyMap(const ConstantPropertyMap& o): c(o.c) {}
ConstantPropertyMap(const value_type& c): _c(c) {}
ConstantPropertyMap(): _c() {}
ConstantPropertyMap(const ConstantPropertyMap& o): _c(o._c) {}
const value_type& operator[](const key_type&) const { return c; }
const value_type& operator[](const key_type&) const { return _c; }
ConstantPropertyMap& operator=(const ConstantPropertyMap& other)
c = other.c;
_c = other._c;
return *this;
value_type c;
value_type _c;
template <class Value, class Key>
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