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Complete re-factoring of python module and command line tool

The program was split in two parts:

    1. A python module,, which encapsulates the graph
       manipulation under a Graph class. Now the following can be done:

              import graph_tool
              g1 = graph_tool.Graph()
              g2 = graph_tool.Graph()
              print g1.number_of_vertices(), g2.number_of_vertices()

    2. A standalone command line tool, graph-tool, which imports, and exposes the Graph methods as command line

The whole command line engine was thus (once again) entirely
rewritten. It is now Crack-Free™, and simply mirrors the methods of the
Graph class as command line options, using, for this, the beauty of
function decorators. It classifies now, I believe, as Pythonic™.
parent f005e928
......@@ -4,13 +4,8 @@ AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = subdir-objects
SUBDIRS = graph .
bin_SCRIPTS = graph-tool
graph_tool_PYTHON =
graph_tooldir = $(pythondir)
# Also install graph-tool as a python module (
ln -fs $(bindir)/graph-tool $(pythondir)/
rm -f $(pythondir)/
bin_SCRIPTS = graph-tool
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