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numpydoc -- Numpy's Sphinx extensions
Numpy's documentation uses several custom extensions to Sphinx. These
are shipped in this ``numpydoc`` package, in case you want to make use
of them in third-party projects.
The following extensions are available:
- ``numpydoc``: support for the Numpy docstring format in Sphinx, and add
the code description directives ``np:function``, ``np-c:function``, etc.
that support the Numpy docstring syntax.
- ``numpydoc.traitsdoc``: For gathering documentation about Traits attributes.
- ``numpydoc.plot_directive``: Adaptation of Matplotlib's ``plot::``
directive. Note that this implementation may still undergo severe
changes or eventually be deprecated.
Numpydoc inserts a hook into Sphinx's autodoc that converts docstrings
following the Numpy/Scipy format to a form palatable to Sphinx.
The following options can be set in
- numpydoc_use_plots: bool
Whether to produce ``plot::`` directives for Examples sections that
contain ``import matplotlib``.
- numpydoc_show_class_members: bool
Whether to show all members of a class in the Methods and Attributes
sections automatically.
- numpydoc_edit_link: bool (DEPRECATED -- edit your HTML template instead)
Whether to insert an edit link after docstrings.
from distutils.core import setup
import setuptools
import sys, os
version = "0.4"
package_dir={"numpydoc": ""},
description="Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format",
# classifiers from
classifiers=["Development Status :: 3 - Alpha",
"Environment :: Plugins",
"License :: OSI Approved :: BSD License",
"Topic :: Documentation"],
keywords="sphinx numpy",
author="Pauli Virtanen and others",
install_requires=["Sphinx >= 1.0.1"],
package_data={'numpydoc': 'tests', '': ''},
"console_scripts": [
"autosummary_generate = numpydoc.autosummary_generate:main",
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