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load_graph_from_csv(): change eprop_titles to eprop_names

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......@@ -2697,7 +2697,7 @@ def load_graph(file_name, fmt="auto", ignore_vp=None, ignore_ep=None,
return g
def load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=True, eprop_types=None,
eprop_titles=None, string_vals=True, hashed=False,
eprop_names=None, string_vals=True, hashed=False,
skip_first=False, ecols=(0,1),
csv_options={"delimiter": ",","quotechar": '"'}):
"""Load a graph from a :mod:`csv` file containing a list of edges and edge
......@@ -2712,7 +2712,7 @@ def load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=True, eprop_types=None,
eprop_types : list of ``str`` (optional, default: ``None``)
List of edge property types to be read from remaining columns (if this
is ``None``, all properties will be of type ``string``.
eprop_titles : list of ``str`` (optional, default: ``None``)
eprop_names : list of ``str`` (optional, default: ``None``)
List of edge property names to be used for the remaining columns (if this
is ``None``, the properties will be called "c1, c2, ...").
string_vals : ``bool`` (optional, default: ``False``)
......@@ -2777,21 +2777,24 @@ def load_graph_from_csv(file_name, directed=True, eprop_types=None,
r = conv(r)
line = next(r)
g = Graph(directed=directed)
if eprop_types is None:
eprops = [g.new_ep("string") for x in line[2:]]
eprops = [g.new_ep(t) for t in eprop_types]
name = g.add_edge_list(itertools.chain([line], r),
hashed=hashed or string_vals,
for i, p in enumerate(eprops):
if eprop_titles:
etitle = eprop_titles[i]
if eprop_names:
ename = eprop_names[i]
etitle = "c%d" % i
g.ep[etitle] = p
ename = "c%d" % i
g.ep[ename] = p
if name is not None: = name
return g
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