Commit 819ad625 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Merge branch 'gtk' into 'master'

Allow graph_tool.draw.draw_hierarchy to be used without GTK installed

See merge request !29
parents c40329b2 b129862b
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......@@ -872,14 +872,15 @@ def prop_to_size(prop, mi=0, ma=5, log=False, power=0.5):
from . cairo_draw import graph_draw, cairo_draw, \
get_hierarchy_control_points, default_cm, default_clrs
get_hierarchy_control_points, default_cm, default_clrs, draw_hierarchy
__all__ += ["draw_hierarchy"]
except ImportError:
from . cairo_draw import GraphWidget, GraphWindow, \
interactive_window, draw_hierarchy
__all__ += ["interactive_window", "GraphWidget", "GraphWindow", "draw_hierarchy"]
__all__ += ["interactive_window", "GraphWidget", "GraphWindow"]
except ImportError:
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