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Fix documentation typo in community_structure()

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......@@ -146,12 +146,12 @@ def community_structure(g, n_iter, n_spins, gamma=1.0, corr="erdos",
**The use of this function is discouraged.** Although community detection
based on modularity maximization is very common, it is very
problematic. It will find high-scoring partitions where there is none
[guimera-modularity-2004]_, and at the same will not find actual
[guimera-modularity-2004]_, and at the same time will not find actual
structure in large graphs [fortunato-resolution-2007]_. Furthermore, in
many empirical networks, the partitions found in this way are largely
meaningless [good-performance-2010]_.
Instead, use the methods based on statistical inference
One should use instead methods based on statistical inference
(i.e. :func:`` and
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