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Trivial documentation fix

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......@@ -424,10 +424,10 @@ def trust_transitivity(g, trust_map, source=None, target=None, vprop=None):
trust_map : :class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap`
Edge property map with the values of trust associated with each
edge. The values must lie in the range [0,1].
source : Vertex (optional, default: None)
source : :class:`~graph_tool.Vertex` (optional, default: None)
Source vertex. All trust values are computed relative to this vertex.
If left unspecified, the trust values for all sources are computed.
target : Vertex (optional, default: None)
target : :class:`~graph_tool.Vertex` (optional, default: None)
The only target for which the trust value will be calculated. If left
unspecified, the trust values for all targets are computed.
vprop : :class:`~graph_tool.PropertyMap` (optional, default: None)
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