Commit 6defdb43 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix graph_rewire "can't rewire" bug

This finally fixes in the bug addressed by commit 309ddbbd, where
parallel edges could be erroneously created. In fact, the bug was more
serious: The source and target edge lists always pointed to the same
list (in the uncorrelated case, but could occasionally happen for the
correlated case also) which got shuffled during iteration. Since the
shuffling of one list interfered with the shuffling of the other, some
combinations of source and target edges could simply never be
considered... This commit forces both lists to always be independent.
parent 684efca7
......@@ -143,9 +143,9 @@ struct swap_edge_triad
return true; // se is parallel to te after swap
if (is_adjacent_in_new(ns, nt, edge_is_new, g))
return true; // e would clash with an existing (new) edge
if (is_adjacent_in_new(te_s, t, edge_is_new, g))
if (edge_is_new[te] && is_adjacent_in_new(te_s, t, edge_is_new, g))
return true; // te would clash with an existing (new) edge
if (is_adjacent_in_new(s, se_t, edge_is_new, g))
if (edge_is_new[se] && is_adjacent_in_new(s, se_t, edge_is_new, g))
return true; // se would clash with an existing (new) edge
return false; // the coast is clear - hooray!
......@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ struct swap_edge_triad
typename graph_traits<Graph>::out_edge_iterator e, e_end;
for (tie(e, e_end) = out_edges(u, g); e != e_end; ++e)
if (target(*e,g) == v && edge_is_new[*e])
if (edge_is_new[*e] && target(*e,g) == v)
return true;
return false;
......@@ -224,8 +224,7 @@ template <template <class Graph, class EdgeIndexMap> class RewireStrategy>
struct graph_rewire
template <class Graph, class EdgeIndexMap>
void operator()(Graph g, // reference is wrapped inside
EdgeIndexMap edge_index, rng_t& rng,
void operator()(Graph& g, EdgeIndexMap edge_index, rng_t& rng,
bool self_loops, bool parallel_edges) const
typedef typename graph_traits<Graph>::vertex_descriptor vertex_t;
......@@ -327,6 +326,7 @@ public:
return *_i;
random_permutation_iterator& operator++()
......@@ -334,10 +334,12 @@ public:
std::iter_swap(_i, _i + _rng(_last - _i));
return *this;
bool operator==(const RandomAccessIterator& i)
return _i == i;
bool operator!=(const RandomAccessIterator& i)
return _i != i;
......@@ -416,8 +418,7 @@ public:
if (!parallel_edges) // reject parallel edges if not allowed
if (swap_edge_triad::parallel_check(e, es, et, _edge_is_new,
if (swap_edge_triad::parallel_check(e, es, et, _edge_is_new, _g))
found = true;
......@@ -459,29 +460,22 @@ public:
rng_t& rng)
: base_t(g, edge_index, rng)
int i, N = num_vertices(g);
for (i = 0; i < N; ++i)
vertex_t v = vertex(i, g);
if (v == graph_traits<Graph>::null_vertex())
typename graph_traits<Graph>::out_edge_iterator e_i, e_i_end;
for (tie(e_i, e_i_end) = out_edges(v, g); e_i != e_i_end; ++e_i)
typename graph_traits<Graph>::edge_iterator e_i, e_i_end;
for (tie(e_i, e_i_end) = edges(g); e_i != e_i_end; ++e_i)
_all_edges2 = _all_edges;
void get_edges(const edge_t& e, vector<index_t>*& edges_source,
vector<index_t>*& edges_target)
edges_source = &_all_edges;
edges_target = &_all_edges;
edges_target = &_all_edges2;
vector<index_t> _all_edges;
vector<index_t> _all_edges2;
......@@ -532,18 +526,32 @@ public:
void get_edges(const edge_t& e, vector<index_t>*& edges_source,
vector<index_t>*& edges_target)
edges_source =
&_edges_source_by[make_pair(in_degreeS()(source(e, _g), _g),
out_degree(source(e, _g), _g))];
edges_target =
&_edges_target_by[make_pair(in_degreeS()(target_in()(e, _g), _g),
out_degree(target_in()(e, _g), _g))];
pair<size_t, size_t> deg_source =
make_pair(in_degreeS()(source(e, _g), _g),
out_degree(source(e, _g), _g));
edges_source = &_edges_source_by[deg_source];
pair<size_t, size_t> deg_target =
make_pair(in_degreeS()(target_in()(e, _g), _g),
out_degree(target_in()(e, _g), _g));
// make sure both vectors are always different
if (deg_target != deg_source)
edges_target = &_edges_target_by[deg_target];
temp = _edges_target_by[deg_target];
edges_target = &temp;
typedef tr1::unordered_map<pair<size_t, size_t>, vector<index_t>,
hash<pair<size_t, size_t> > > edges_by_end_deg_t;
edges_by_end_deg_t _edges_source_by, _edges_target_by;
vector<size_t> temp;
const Graph& _g;
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