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Correct degree sequence description length in

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......@@ -297,10 +297,10 @@ class BlockState(object):
.. math::
\mathcal{L}_c = \mathcal{L}_t - N\sum_kp_k\ln p_k,
\mathcal{L}_c = \mathcal{L}_t - \sum_rn_r\sum_kp^r_k\ln p^r_k,
where :math:`p_k` is the fraction of nodes with degree :math:`p_k`, and
we have instead :math:`k \to (k^-, k^+)` for directed graphs.
where :math:`p^r_k` is the fraction of nodes in block $r$ with degree :math:`k`. For directed
graphs we have instead :math:`k \to (k^-, k^+)`.
If the "dense" entropies are requested, they will be computed as
......@@ -378,15 +378,15 @@ class BlockState(object):
S += model_entropy(self.B, N, E, directed=self.g.is_directed(), nr=self.wr.a) * E
if complete and self.deg_corr:
if self.deg_corr:
S_seq = 0
hist = defaultdict(int)
hist = [defaultdict(int) for r in range(self.B)]
for v in self.g.vertices():
hist[(v.in_degree(), v.out_degree())] += 1
for k, v in hist.items():
p = v / float(self.g.num_vertices())
S_seq -= p * log(p)
S_seq *= self.g.num_vertices()
hist[self.b[v]][(v.in_degree(), v.out_degree())] += 1
for r in range(self.B):
for k, v in hist[r].items():
p = v / float(self.wr.a[r])
S_seq -= p * log(p) * self.wr.a[r]
S += S_seq
return S / E
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