Commit 679bfe41 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Implement 'set' operation in 'a' properties of vector property values

Now, statements like:

   prop[v].a = foo

are perfectly valid (if prop[v] is a vector type).
parent df3471a1
......@@ -1488,10 +1488,17 @@ init_edge_classes()
def _get_array_view(self):
return self.get_array()[:]
def _set_array_view(self, v):
self.get_array()[:] = v
vector_types = [Vector_bool, Vector_int32_t, Vector_int64_t, Vector_double,
for vt in vector_types:
vt.a = property(_get_array_view)
vt.a = property(_get_array_view, _set_array_view,
doc=r"""Shortcut to the `get_array` method as a property. A
view to the array is returned, instead of the array itself,
for convenience.""")
Vector_string.a = None
Vector_string.get_array = lambda self: None
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