Commit 6761eebc authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Throw appropriate exception when file is not found in Graph.load()

parent 6c20965e
......@@ -1859,8 +1859,9 @@ class Graph(object):
if type(file_name) == str:
if isinstance(file_name, str):
file_name = os.path.expanduser(file_name)
f = open(file_name) # throw the appropriate exception, if not found
if fmt == 'auto' and isinstance(file_name, str):
fmt = self.__get_file_format(file_name)
elif fmt == "auto":
......@@ -1957,6 +1958,9 @@ class Graph(object):
if isinstance(file_name, str):
f = open(file_name, "w") # throw the appropriate exception, if
# unable to open
u.__graph.WriteToFile(file_name, None, fmt, props)
u.__graph.WriteToFile("", file_name, fmt, props)
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