Commit 65e954ce authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Remove dead code

parent e6dc5d63
......@@ -28,57 +28,6 @@ using namespace std;
using namespace boost;
using namespace graph_tool;
template <class Descriptor, class GraphTgt, class GraphSrc, class IndexMap>
struct copy_property_dispatch
copy_property_dispatch(const Descriptor& src_d, const Descriptor& tgt_d,
const GraphTgt& tgt, const GraphSrc& src,
boost::any& prop_src, boost::any& prop_tgt,
IndexMap& index_map, bool& found)
: src_d(src_d), tgt_d(tgt_d), tgt(tgt), src(src), prop_src(prop_src),
prop_tgt(prop_tgt), index_map(index_map), found(found) {}
const Descriptor& src_d;
const Descriptor& tgt_d;
const GraphTgt& tgt;
const GraphSrc& src;
boost::any& prop_src;
boost::any& prop_tgt;
IndexMap& index_map;
bool& found;
template <class PropertyMap>
void operator()(PropertyMap) const
PropertyMap* psrc = any_cast<PropertyMap>(&prop_src);
if (psrc == NULL)
if (prop_tgt.empty())
prop_tgt = PropertyMap(index_map);
PropertyMap* ptgt = any_cast<PropertyMap>(&prop_tgt);
if (ptgt == NULL)
(*ptgt)[tgt_d] = (*psrc)[src_d];
found = true;
template <class PropertyMaps, class Descriptor, class GraphTgt, class GraphSrc,
class IndexMap>
void copy_property(const Descriptor& src_d, const Descriptor& tgt_d,
boost::any& prop_src, boost::any& prop_tgt,
const GraphTgt& tgt, const GraphSrc& src,
IndexMap& index_map)
bool found = false;
boost::mpl::for_each<PropertyMaps>(copy_property_dispatch<Descriptor, GraphTgt, GraphSrc, IndexMap>
(src_d, tgt_d, tgt, src, prop_src, prop_tgt, index_map,
if (!found)
throw ValueException("Cannot find property map type.");
template <class GraphSrc, class GraphTgt, class IndexMap, class SrcIndexMap,
class TgtIndexMap>
struct copy_vertex_property_dispatch
......@@ -196,8 +145,8 @@ struct copy_edge_property_dispatch
for (i = 0; i < N; ++i)
auto v = vertex(i, src);
if (v == graph_traits<GraphSrc>::null_vertex())
// if (v == graph_traits<GraphSrc>::null_vertex())
// continue;
for (auto e : out_edges_range(v, src))
......@@ -206,7 +155,7 @@ struct copy_edge_property_dispatch
if (!is_directed::apply<GraphSrc>::type::value && s > t)
size_t ei = src_edge_index[e];
auto new_e = index_map[ei];
const auto& new_e = index_map[ei];
p_tgt[new_e] = p_src[e];
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