Commit 63ab770f authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Accept integers as vertices in certain functions

parent be9f0a3e
......@@ -1104,6 +1104,7 @@ class Graph(object):
def remove_vertex(self, vertex):
"""Remove a vertex from the graph."""
vertex = self.vertex(int(vertex))
index = self.vertex_index[vertex]
for pmap in self.__known_properties:
if pmap[0] == "v" and pmap[1]() != None and pmap[1]().is_writable():
......@@ -1132,7 +1133,8 @@ class Graph(object):
"""Add a new edge from ``source`` to ``target`` to the graph, and return
e = libcore.add_edge(weakref.ref(self), source, target)
e = libcore.add_edge(weakref.ref(self), self.vertex(int(source)),
efilt = self.get_edge_filter()
if efilt[0] is not None:
efilt[0][e] = not efilt[1]
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