Commit 61daf01e authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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......@@ -421,6 +421,8 @@ echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL CPP flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)CGAL LD flags: $(color 4)${CGAL_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat CPP flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Expat LD flags: $(color 4)${EXPAT_LDFLAGS} ${EXPAT_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Cairomm CPP flags: $(color 4)${CAIROMM_CFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Cairomm LD flags: $(color 4)${CAIROMM_LIBS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)OpenMP compiler flags: $(color 4)${OPENMP_CXXFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)OpenMP LD flags: $(color 4)${OPENMP_LDFLAGS}$(reset)"
echo -e "$(color 3)Extra CPPFLAGS: $(color 4)${CPPFLAGS}$(reset)"
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