Commit 58b73413 authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Include support for new graphviz API (>= 2.30) in graphviz_draw()

parent 392b1150
......@@ -71,6 +71,16 @@ try:
# create a context to use the whole time (if we keep freeing and recreating
# it, we will hit a memory leak in graphviz)
gvc = libgv.gvContext()
gv_new_api = True
libgv_directed = libgv.Agdirected
libgv_undirected = libgv.Agundirected
except AttributeError:
gv_new_api = False
libgv_directed = 1
libgv_undirected = 0
except OSError:
msg = "Error importing graphviz C library (libgvc)... graphviz_draw() will not work."
warnings.filterwarnings("always", msg, ImportWarning)
......@@ -302,7 +312,13 @@ def graphviz_draw(g, pos=None, size=(15, 15), pin=False, layout=None,
has_layout = False
gvg = libgv.agopen("G".encode("utf8"), 1 if g.is_directed() else 0)
if gv_new_api:
gvg = libgv.agopen("G".encode("utf8"),
libgv_directed if g.is_directed() else libgv_undirected,
gvg = libgv.agopen("G".encode("utf8"),
libgv_directed if g.is_directed() else libgv_undirected)
if layout is None:
if pin == False:
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