Commit 54370b70 authored by Jérôme Benoit's avatar Jérôme Benoit Committed by Tiago Peixoto
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enhance doc/Makefile

Slightly enhances doc/Makefile.
parent 19cee4ba
all: default: html
sphinx-build -E -b html . build
all: html latex test
check: test-noninteractive test
sphinx-build -E -b html . build/html
latex: latex:
sphinx-build -E -b latex . build sphinx-build -E -b latex . build/pdf
test: test:
sphinx-build -b doctest . build sphinx-build -b doctest . build/test
test-noninteractive: test-noninteractive:
sphinx-build -b doctest . build *.rst demos/inference/inference.rst sphinx-build -b doctest . build/test-ni *.rst demos/inference/inference.rst
clean: clean:
rm -rf build rm -rf build
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