Commit 4ca52e7c authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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Fix copying of graphs with internal unwritable properties

parent 4d0809f2
......@@ -1107,10 +1107,14 @@ class Graph(object):
eprops = []
ef_pos = vf_pos = None
for k, m in gv.vertex_properties.items():
if not m.is_writable():
m = m.copy("int32_t")
if not vprune and m is vfilt:
vf_pos = len(vprops)
vprops.append([_prop("v", gv, m), libcore.any()])
for k, m in gv.edge_properties.items():
if not m.is_writable():
m = m.copy("int32_t")
if not eprune and m is efilt:
ef_pos = len(eprops)
eprops.append([_prop("e", gv, m), libcore.any()])
......@@ -1133,21 +1137,21 @@ class Graph(object):
_prop("v", gv, vorder))
# Put the copied properties in the internal dictionary
for i, (k, m) in enumerate(g.vertex_properties.items()):
pmap = new_vertex_property(m.value_type(),
for i, (k, m) in enumerate(gv.vertex_properties.items()):
pmap = new_vertex_property(m.value_type() if m.is_writable() else "int32_t",
self.vertex_properties[k] = PropertyMap(pmap, self, "v")
for i, (k, m) in enumerate(g.edge_properties.items()):
pmap = new_edge_property(m.value_type(),
for i, (k, m) in enumerate(gv.edge_properties.items()):
pmap = new_edge_property(m.value_type() if m.is_writable() else "int32_t",
self.edge_properties[k] = PropertyMap(pmap, self, "e")
for k, v in g.graph_properties.items():
for k, v in gv.graph_properties.items():
new_p = self.new_graph_property(v.value_type())
new_p[self] = v[g]
new_p[self] = v[gv]
self.graph_properties[k] = new_p
if vf_pos is not None:
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