Commit 4a8d6f3c authored by Tiago Peixoto's avatar Tiago Peixoto
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blockmodel: fix issue with pickling in corner case

parent 930333bc
......@@ -342,9 +342,7 @@ class BlockState(object):
if B is None:
B = int(self.b.fa.max()) + 1
if self.b.fa.max() >= B:
raise ValueError("Maximum value of b is larger or equal to B! (%d vs %d)" %
(self.b.fa.max(), B))
self.B = B = max(B, self.b.fa.max() + 1)
self.rec = [self.g.own_property(p) for p in recs]
for i in range(len(self.rec)):
......@@ -393,8 +391,6 @@ class BlockState(object):
self.mrm = self.mrp
self.B = B
if pclabel is not None:
if isinstance(pclabel, PropertyMap):
self.pclabel = self.g.own_property(pclabel).copy("int")
......@@ -1519,7 +1515,7 @@ class BlockState(object):
def multiflip_mcmc_sweep(self, beta=1., c=1., a1=.95, psplit=.5,
d=0.01, gibbs_sweeps=0, niter=1, entropy_args={},
d=0.01, gibbs_sweeps=10, niter=1, entropy_args={},
verbose=False, **kwargs):
r"""Perform ``niter`` sweeps of a Metropolis-Hastings acceptance-rejection
sampling MCMC with multiple simultaneous moves to sample network
......@@ -1543,7 +1539,7 @@ class BlockState(object):
d : ``float`` (optional, default: ``.01``)
Probability of selecting a new (i.e. empty) group for a given
single-node move.
gibbs_sweeps : ``int`` (optional, default: ``0``)
gibbs_sweeps : ``int`` (optional, default: ``10``)
Number of sweeps of Gibbs sampling to be performed (i.e. each node
is attempted once per sweep) to refine a split proposal.
niter : ``int`` (optional, default: ``1``)
......@@ -1810,6 +1806,88 @@ class BlockState(object):
return S, nattempts, nmoves
def _multicanonical_B_sweep_dispatch(self, multicanonical_state):
return libinference.multicanonical_B_multiflip_sweep(multicanonical_state,
def multicanonical_B_sweep(self, m_state, **kwargs):
r"""Perform ``niter`` sweeps of a non-Markovian multicanonical sampling using the
Wang-Landau algorithm.
m_state : :class:`~graph_tool.inference.mcmc.MulticanonicalState`
:class:`~graph_tool.inference.mcmc.MulticanonicalState` instance
containing the current state of the Wang-Landau run.
multiflip : ``bool`` (optional, default: ``False``)
If ``True``, ``multiflip_mcmc_sweep()`` will be used, otherwise
**kwargs : Keyword parameter list
The remaining parameters will be passed to
``multiflip_mcmc_sweep()`` or ``mcmc_sweep()``.
dS : ``float``
Entropy difference after the sweeps.
nattempts : ``int``
Number of vertex moves attempted.
nmoves : ``int``
Number of vertices moved.
This algorithm has an :math:`O(E)` complexity, where :math:`E` is the
number of edges (independent of the number of blocks).
.. [wang-efficient-2001] Fugao Wang, D. P. Landau, "An efficient, multiple
range random walk algorithm to calculate the density of states", Phys.
Rev. Lett. 86, 2050 (2001), :doi:`10.1103/PhysRevLett.86.2050`,
kwargs["beta"] = 1
args = dmask(locals(), ["self", "kwargs"])
multi_state = DictState(args)
entropy_args = kwargs.get("entropy_args", {})
mcmc_state = self.multiflip_mcmc_sweep(dispatch=False, **kwargs)
multi_state.S = self.entropy(**entropy_args)
multi_state.state = self._state
multi_state.f = m_state._f
multi_state.B_min = m_state._B_min
multi_state.B_max = m_state._B_max
multi_state.hist = m_state._hist
multi_state.dens = m_state._density
B = self.get_nonempty_B()
if (B < multi_state.B_min or B > multi_state.B_max):
raise ValueError("initial number of groups %d out of bounds (%d, %d)" %
(B, multi_state.B_min, multi_state.B_max))
S, nattempts, nmoves = self._multicanonical_B_sweep_dispatch(multi_state)
self.B =
if _bm_test() and kwargs.pop("test", True):
assert self._check_clabel(), "invalid clabel after sweep"
Sf = self.entropy(**entropy_args)
assert math.isclose(S, Sf, abs_tol=1e-8), \
"inconsistent entropy after sweep %g (%g): %s" % \
(S, Sf, str(entropy_args))
return S, nattempts, nmoves
def _exhaustive_sweep_dispatch(self, exhaustive_state, callback, hist):
if callback is not None:
return libinference.exhaustive_sweep(exhaustive_state, self._state,
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